Merry Christmas 2014! 16 Exciting Things Our Family Did in 2014. exciting being a relative term…


It’s been a while. Like a LONG while. OK, THINGs have been going on.

In all fairness the last couple of months have been extraordinarily busy and because this is not a paying gig something had to give. Oh, I’ve been writing. Just not on here. In my head, in a journal, a little on the book of faces.

So there is no long, fabulous Christmas letter or card depicting smiling family and animals in festive garb. Just a little lazy and a little broke. I mean, $200 or moreand  after you print and mail those suckers and get like, 20 in return. That makes me a little stabby.

So here’s 16 things that happened 2014.

1. Juan flys to South America. A lot. And the other day he texted me a picture of his steak dinner in Buenos Aires. I had just eaten a grilled cheese all by myself on a cold night. He got food poising the next day. God is good.

2.  I convinced Juan to hire a yard service this year. 26 years of marriage with a man who absolutely HATES yard work is not fun. He still insists on doing the pine straw. I will not spread pine straw, that chore is NOT in the job description for a 50 plus year old woman.

3.  Katie turned 19 this year. She FINALLY got her driver’s license at 18. She has only had two fender benders. And bought tacky covers for the seats and steering wheel of the car. Oh and a dream catcher hangs from the rear view mirror. Who birthed this child? Please, let me know.

4.  Katie got another tattoo this year. At least this time she double checked the roman numerals for the correct date….


5. Apparently pink hair is a thing.

6. She brought home a rescue huskie mix last January. He still won’t let Juan touch him. He has partially eaten the couch on the porch, my orthopedic sandals, will only poop on my Karastan rug and has a sensitive stomach. Yes I have become up close and personal with my carpet cleaning machine.

7. We still have Willie our Al Qaeda trained terrier. He’s 4 and on Prozac. Enough said.


8. We have 2 indoor cats, Bob and Smudge. Bob can open doors and smudge eats plastic baggies.

9. I am constantly amazed at the intelligence of our pets.

10. Katie and I went I a mission trip to Guatemala this summer. It was amazing. It’s also amazing how a teenager can learn to negotiate a braided bracelet with a non-English speaking vendor when on a budget. And get a D in Spanish.

11. I ran the Peachtree Road Race this year for the first time. Bucket list item, you know. If you ever want to know what a party with 50K people running down a major boulevard in a large city is like, do this.


12. I visited Burbank, Dayton, Jacksonville, Dallas and Lubbock this year. Pinch me.

Fun in Dallas...

Fun in Dallas…

13. I was re-elected to my neighborhood HOA this year. Well, it was either that or a root canal. Choices people

14. My antiques and vintage business is good. Never in a million years did I think I would be digging in someone elses’ hoarder basement for a fifty cent Christmas ornament. I should probably look in my own basement. We are one pile away from an episode of Hoarders…

15. At least the antique business has proven to me that I am not as crazy as I think I am.

16. We lost our sweet Jack Russel, Roscoe this year. He was 14 and went quickly at home. Then Juan put him in the freezer. Because, you know, he had to compare prices on dog cremation. Please, if I go first, make sure I get the Neiman’s’ of cremation. No Walmart cremation for me.

And if I go missing, look in the downstairs freezer…

Love to you all and blessings for 2015!


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